Our Mission Statement

Unity of Madison is a heart-centered Spiritual Community focused on Truth Seeking and Spiritual Growth through the Christ Consciousness of Acceptance, Love, Peace and Joy.

Our purpose is to inspire, nuture, and empower all people in their spiritual growth. We provide creative worship, joyful gathering and educational programs as we teach and live Jesus’ message that “the kingdom of God is within you.”

Our Vision Statement

Unity Church of Madison is and will be a community guided by and under the direction of Spirit. We create an environment and consciousness of love, openness, and honesty through the recognition of the Christ within all persons. We accept diversity and uniqueness, where all are free to contribute and participate with integrity.

Unity Church of Madison is and will be dedicated to the activity of Spirit as an expanding presence for spiritual growth within individuals, the church and the larger community. As we become more conscious of the activity of Spirit in our lives, we attract to us growing numbers of people on the spiritual path. We actively reach out to others in ways that recognize the different paths people grow by, thereby creating a climate through which we are able to experience the intimacy and closeness of God.

Through commitment to love and a dedication to living the teachings of our Way shower, Jesus Christ, Unity Church of Madison is and will be a place of joy, healing, and transformation. Through worship. prayer, education, and personal example we celebrate and create a positive climate that encourages and honors the gifts of all people.