Welcome to Unity of Madison!

Unity of Madison is a heart-centered spiritual community. We live the Christ Consciousness of Acceptance, Love, Peace and Joy. Our purpose is to inspire, nurture, and empower all people in their spiritual growth. We provide creative worship, joyful gathering and educational programs as we teach and live the message of Jesus, that “the Kingdom / Queendom of God is within us and among us.”

Sunday services at 8:30 am and 10:30 am.

Follow @RevMartyNewman on Twitter. Tweet a question to her during service and she will answer questions after her talk. Use ?#?MartyTalks?

Upcoming Events

MOSES is organizing a Madison Action Day on Wednesday, April 29 from 9 am – 4 pm at Bethel Lutheran Church, 312 Wisconsin Ave., Madison. Keynote speaker is Hannah Rosenthal. Cost is $25, including lunch. Register by April 15 at mosesmadison.org.

A downloadable flyer is available here.

MOSES is an interfaith organization that unites Madison-area congregations to build a better community. Unity of Madison is one of the congregations that supported MOSES.

HandoutClick the image to view the handout on Behaviors/Responses in Organizations which was shared during the March 29 Community Meeting.

Questions? Contact the church office at 608.221.1376.

Candle in the Window – April 2015

Lloyd Klein By Marie Doty Ask about his main challenge in life and Lloyd Klein comes across as puzzled by the question. “I’ve always had a pretty positive attitude,” he says. “I’ve had different things happen to me but I have a fairly strong will. I guess the most difficult thing for me to do […]

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Financial and Tithing – Feb 2015

February 2015 Tithes:                                            Based on general donations of $12,742.42 during the month of February 2015: Silent Unity 25% $318.56 Unity Worldwide Ministries 20% $254.85 GLURC (Great Lakes Unity Regional Council) 15% $191.14 Rasur Foundation (BePeace) 15% $191.14 Porchlight 10% $127.42 Floating Tithe – What If? Foundation * 10% $127.42 Northwoods Niijii Enterprise Community, Inc. […]

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Youth & Family Ministry News – April 2015

Dear beloved Unity Youth and parents: Christmas has passed, and Easter is already here. In April, we will start with an Easter Party. I hope the weather will permit us to spend it partially outside. After Easter, there are only eight classes left until our year-end party on June 7. During the 8:30 am service, […]

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New Staff Person

We have a new person in the office: Pat Arnold. Pat will be working part-time during office hours, usually on Mondays and Tuesdays. As some already know, she has been a regular office volunteer since January 1 and has been a terrific asset already. And, lucky for us, she has agreed to continue her volunteer […]

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Board Update 3/1/15

Thank you all for your continued support and love for Unity of Madison! While the future may seem a little unsettling at this point to some, the Board has been making progress supporting our staff, providing support to those who are adjusting to the loss of our minister, engaging a variety of wonderful speakers, hiring […]

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Audio Visual Ministry Help Needed

Ari John is looking for geeks familiar with video streaming (live and video on demand), phone and tablet apps. The video streaming sites are increasingly becoming more difficult to work with. Ari John is investigating innovative solutions to broadcasting and archiving without the need for commercial sites. If you have a working knowledge of web […]

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Sundays in the Coat Room

One of the great benefits of our recent remodel is that we now are able use the coatroom for people to view and hear Sunday services. There is a volume control switch (just left of the doorway) for the one-way speaker for this purpose. This means that on Sundays, the coatroom could be used by […]

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Volunteers needed

Bookstore The bookstore could use another volunteer. Interested people are invited to shadow a current volunteer on Sunday and then decide whether or not to interview for the role. Contact Diane Gould. Ushers The Usher/Greeter Team has openings for all Sundays at 10:30 am. If you would would enjoy welcoming all who attend our services […]

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