Welcome to Unity of Madison!

We welcome all people regardless of race, creed or sexual orientation. Our desire is not to convert people to a certain doctrine or dogma. Our desire is to help empower and encourage each other in our spiritual journey and to enjoy the great blessing of spiritual community. We acknowledge the wisdom found in all of the world’s spiritual traditions and envision a world where people from all traditions may worship and celebrate The Great Divine Mystery together.

Our Vision: “We are spiritually led, celebrating, peace, love and abundance for all.”

Sunday services are at 8:30 and 10:30 am.

Upcoming Events

The Unity of Madison Board of Trustees is excited to announce that we have narrowed our search down to 3 ministerial candidates. The Search Team used the want ad from our posted search packet as a guideline for determining qualified candidates to take us down our new path. Each candidate submitted a resume along with video links to watch their talks. The Search Team ran a background check and called references. These candidates have been through Skype interviews with the Search Team and then with the Board.

What will the candidates do while they are here? The welcome team will be giving them a tour of the surrounding area. The candidate will meet with staff and the Board. They will give a workshop followed by a potluck and Sunday services followed by a Q&A session to ensure the congregation has time to interact.

The candidate visits are on the weekends of:

  • Rev. Julie Montague: Sept. 18-20
  • Rev. Judy Pilat: Oct. 9-11
  • Rev. John Beerman: Oct. 16-18

Please sign up at http://vols.pt/sHVEfZ if you are planning to attend any of the workshops or potlucks.

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Dear beloved Unity Youth and parents:

As of September 13, 2015, our regular classes have resumed. We had lots of fun with our new curriculum so far. Children are divided according to their ages and/or developmental stages into five different groups. The nursery is available for children newborn to children around four years old. The nursery is staffed by Katy Tyllo and Carmen Meyers. Both young women are loving and responsible teens from our own Unity community.

The UniChildren group is for children four to seven years old. It is run by Deb Lucas. The curriculum for early fall is called “Fishy Tales” based on the movie “Finding Nemo,” written by Unity Youth Education consultant Diane Venzera. In it, the children will explore the idea that God is within us through every adventure of life, to help us understand that even if we forget that we are a Divine Child of God, we are never far from the power of Spirit because it is within us. To know that the Spirit of God within us is always good no matter what appearances may tell us. To understand that when we live fully aware of being in the flow of Spirit, we can overcome any obstacle because we understand that God is unchanging, all good and everywhere present.

Two other classes, the UniKids (kids eight and nine years old) and Tweens, (young people 10 to 13 years old), will use the 12-week class called “May the Force Be with You” based on Star Wars, also created by Diane Venzera. “The, Star Wars, series are about the heroine’s (or hero’s) journey from self-doubt to transformation from a mundane life to extraordinary one. It is a battle between the forces of light (the rebels) and the Empire, which represents the darkness. But the battle is not just happening in outer space. It is also a part of our human experience. We all, at one time or another, are invited on a quest to bring into the light some undiscovered aspect of ourselves. As with most quests, it is not a solo journey. All along the way there are guides, allies, mentors and teachers who show up just when needed to help us move through those long held ideas and beliefs that hold us back. When we accept that the darkness is as much a part of us as the light, when we accept all of our nature, we come to the knowledge of who we really are, children of the Light, children of the Force!” a quote from Diane Venzera.

The Teens (ages 13+) will start the program “Awakening to Spiritual Power” based on the book “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer. It explores the idea that we are not who we think we are. We are powerful, creative souls who sometimes forget our true nature. The class will focus on developing tools and practices that lead us to an authentic life.

Peace, love and blessings,
Julia Meyers

Unity of Madison Fall Program 2015

Book: Myrtle Fillmore’s Healing Letters Start date: Sunday, September 27 End date: Week of Sunday, November 1 This book gives people a great perspective on Myrtle Fillmore’s loving and insightful approach to spirituality and life. We will discuss and apply the principles and ideas to our lives today. The readings will be organized for each […]

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Ministerial Transition Info

Below you will find valuable information to help move all of us through the process of finding our new path and minister. October 2014 Rev. Marshall Norman decided that after 10 years with our community it was time to follow the nudge of Spirit and move on to a new adventure in his life. Since […]

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Congregation Tithes

Click a link to view a PDF of the month’s tithes: August 2015 July 2015

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Unity gardens

The Unity gardens are blooming! Many thanks to the volunteers who keep our grounds beautiful.

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Tompkins Drive Road Construction

Tompkins Drive Road Construction has begun. The road will remain open. Driveway & Parking Impact: Tompkins Dr. will be closed to thru traffic within the project limits. Local access will be provided. No parking is allowed within the construction zone during working hours (7 AM – 7 PM). You can park in the Unity Parking […]

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Unity of Madison Prayer Chaplains 2015

Lovingly moving from Active Prayer Chaplain to Prayer Chaplain Emeritus Sandra Strietelmeier – In Loving Memory Sarah Coyle Debra Greane Donna Rose Rosemary Warner Twelve Year Prayer Chaplains Pat Arnold, Co-Trainer, Coordinator Bob Watson Ten Year Prayer Chaplains Kari Henn Debbie Walker Nine Year Prayer Chaplain Pat O’Laughlin Eight Year Prayer Chaplain Jean Tupper Seven […]

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United/Divided Handout

Click the image to view the handout on Behaviors/Responses in Organizations which was shared during the March 29 Community Meeting. Questions? Contact the church office at 608.221.1376.

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Candle in the Window – April 2015

Lloyd Klein By Marie Doty Ask about his main challenge in life and Lloyd Klein comes across as puzzled by the question. “I’ve always had a pretty positive attitude,” he says. “I’ve had different things happen to me but I have a fairly strong will. I guess the most difficult thing for me to do […]

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